Preparation of financial statements

NGOs can have many different legal forms (e.g. association, foundation, GmbH, cooperative). When preparing annual financial statements, therefore, in addition to the accounting regulations of commercial and tax law, the regulations for the respective legal form must also be observed. Moreover, NGOs often have to prove the use of their funds not only to the tax office, but also to donors and members.

How we help you

We ensure that the preparation of annual financial statements takes into account not only compliance with legal regulations but also the informational interests of the various addressees. In particular, we take into account

  • the differentiation of grants from both public and private donors, taking into account the respective grant law

  • the allocation of business transactions to the four non-profit spheres as the basis for the formation of reserves permitted under non-profit law

  • the determination of results in taxable business operations

  • If necessary, an adjustment to the disclosure of e.g. donations, grants and special items in order to meet the information requirements of the addressees.

With the annual financial statements, you not only fulfill your legal accounting obligations, but also receive from us an information tool that is meaningful for your needs.

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